Friday, May 08, 2009

The way time passes me by...

"My real name is Anya and I'm that kind of girl that leaves nothing but broken hearts.I've always been a city girl, the kind that makes your world go round, dancing till morning, crying till dawn. Don't stay to much around me, you may be lost or missing your heart." she would say...

"You want to be the one to save me?You want to teach me "dreams"?I had them dear, but for me they were as expensive as gold. Passing through life I've been like a storm and dreams need time for their roots to be strong.Nothing else matters anymore, no air, no glamor, no passion and no dream...I would change all these for freedom, in a glance."


Some years back I've lost her, she sailed away with western winds or maybe she just regained her freedom...I could never say...As years go passing, I wonder if things could have been different, if the story of this girl could have been sweeter, if habits can be changed, if time does solves them all!?

Now listening: Vaya Con Dios - Time flies

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