Sunday, April 26, 2009

Endless story...

Tell me, does an artificial rose smell like a rose?Does it look like somewhere, far away, it has its roots?Is it real? Or it's just a fake, looking for a world where the plastic nostalgia of a rose is our best reality?Are we forever lost or forever found or just never in the right place?

Can I just let myself die lying in the sun, as if there would be nothing better to do?Can I just try to fly one day even if that's not what I usually do?Can I absolutely love the game even if it hurts so bad?Can I dance barefoot in the rain?Can I fall for you?Can I just forget?Can I feel your heartbeat as if it was mine?Can I fly?Can I lie? Can I die?

What do I feel right now?Emptiness perhaps...

Listening to: Koop Island Blues

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